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Roald Dahl Tales Of The Unexpected Pdf Download

from the new york times book review, april 15, 1961: `the library of roald dahl, three volumes of fiction and nonfiction for children and adults, plus two books of dahl's collected essays, should do for our troubled world what no library can do: it should straighten out its act. roald dahl's books are impressive specimens of the american way. wherever young and old may read and listen, dahl's books are populated by unsentimental characters with an unpretentious sense of values. there is honesty in him, though no glittery sarcasm. he has a touch of that earthiness, that strange kind of intelligence, which distinguishes the american essayist.. this one-time character study of juvenile delinquency--an outsider's view that surely reflects dahl's childhood--shows what can be done by an imaginative author whose gift for dialogue, characterization and narrative is unlikely to be matched. by masters of juvenile fiction.

roald dahl tales of the unexpected pdf download

from the san francisco chronicle, may 7, 1961: `the king of the short story' is an ape with a fine writing style `if you ever consider what makes fiction interesting, you'll know you're home. no sooner is it done than another is needed, and the man who can do both is roald dahl. his stories range from three to a dozen pages long and most of them are exciting and distinctive; they are as entertaining as any adventure yarn ever written, and as fresh and penetrating in the places they occupy as a certain kind of flying fish. with an eye and a touch that are all his own, dahl can describe a bright young boy playing violin at a party, whereupon it's impossible to look away; a hard and meanful room where a mother claws at her son's hands and feet; an uncomfortable, ugly room where a child lies, thinking it's under water. here is a man not afraid to select a device as simple as a razor-blade, or as complicated as a camera, to reveal and project a peculiarly elusive thing--that is, something about which no one has ever spoken or thought much before.


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