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Mw3 Bots Mod Pc 30

Features:Mod is completely compatible with no internet, good for LAN with friends or just playing alone. (only if your client supports offline/lan)Also mod is compatible with every game client, as long as the client's testclient handling works properly.A clean and nice menu, you can edit every bot DVAR within in-game.Everything can be customized, ideal for both personal use and dedicated servers.This mod does not edit ANY stock .gsc files, meaning EVERY other mod is compatible with this mod. Mod doesn't add anything unnecessary, what you see is what you get.Adds AI clients to multiplayer games to simulate playing real players. (essentially Combat Training for MW2) -Bots move around the maps. (all normal maps, most to all custom maps) -Bots play all gamemodes/objectives, they caputure flags, plant, defuse bombs, etc. (all normal modes, most custom modes) -Bots have animations, move their legs and don't slide. -Bots use all killstreaks. Including AC130 and chopper gunner. -Bots target killstreaks, use stingers and other weapons to take out all killstreaks. (even sentry guns) -Bots can capture and steal care packages. -Bots target equipment, and can even camp TIs. -Bots can camp randomly or when about to use the laptop. -Bots can follow others on own will. -Bots have smooth and realistic aim. -Bots respond smartly to their surroundings, they will go to you if you shoot, uav, etc. -Bots use all deathstreaks, perks and weapons, also perks do something and bots use guns tactically (use shotgun upclose, etc). -Bots difficulty level can be customized and are accurate. (hard is hard, easy is easy, etc.) -Bots each all have different classes, traits, and difficulty and remember it all. -Bots switch from between primaries and secondaries. -Bots can grenade, place claymores and TIs, they even use grenades and tubes in preset map locations. -Bots use grenade launchers and shotgun attachments. -Bots trip claymores indefinitely. -Bots can melee people and sentry guns. -Bots can run! -Bots can climb ladders!-Bots have foot sounds!! -Bots detect smoke grenades, stun grenades, flashed and airstrike slows. -Bots can watch killcams. -Bots talk, react to anything that they are doing or what happened to them, etc. -Bots will remember their class, killstreak, skill and traits, even on multiround based gametypes. -Bots can rage quit. -Bots can throwback grenades.

mw3 bots mod pc 30


Credits: INeedGames(me) - for completely writing and compiling the mod into what it is now: tinkie101 - for RSE v1 to v10, mod was based off of this: PeZBot team - tinkie101 used PeZBot's code as a base for RSE v1 to v10: apdonato - for RSE v11+ development, much of their ideas was used: Ability - for their waypoint mod used in this mod (found in bots\dev.gsc) Salvation - for their menu base used in this mod (found in bots\menu.gsc) yolarrydabomb - for various waypoint files: Yolarrydabomb.netBlobbitybloo - for finding a IW4 sound name dump, allowing me to allow bots to emulate footsounds:

First things first; you want to load the game of your choice and load Bot Warfare. Then you need to set the DVAR 'bots_main_debug' to '1' before you load a map (use the console). Then load the map of your choice.

Types of waypoints:any stance ('stand', 'crouch', 'prone') - bots will have this stance upon reaching this waypointgrenade - bots will look at the angles you were looking at when you made the waypoint and throw a grenade from the waypointtube - bots will look at the angles you were looking at when you made the waypoint and switch to a launcher and fireclaymore - bots will look at the angles you were looking at when you made the waypoint and place a claymore or tactical insertioncamp ('crouch' waypoint with only one linked waypoint) - bots will look at the angles you were looking at when you made the waypoint and campclimb - bots will look at the angles you were looking at when you made the waypoint and climb (use this for ladders and mantles)

You will need to link the waypoints so the bots know how to navigate the map. You can also unlink waypoints the same way. Deleting waypoints will unlink all waypoints that were connected to it just fine.

Then move the .iwd file WinRAR created with the 'z_svr_bots.iwd' file.CoD mods are loaded alphabetically, so any conflicting raw files inside .iwd archives will have the iwd with the highest alphabet ordered loaded.

All in the main function, I first initialized level.waypoints, then after the procedure call, I had game["bots"]["waypoints"] equal level.waypoints.In MW2, it has the ability to retain structs after a round, whereas CoD4 and WaW do not. This allows it to store the loaded waypoints so it does not have to load it again.

This way the bots retain the best movement, vision, decision making without outright beaming you through assets you can't even see through. w/ universal steady aim they'll still kill you fairly fast if you're not ready for them, and at mid-close range they're still as fatal as ever. 350c69d7ab


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