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Pinball Hall Of Fame The Gottlieb Collection =LINK=

This all adds up to a confident pinball game that provides a great rendition of some classic Gottlieb games. It finally delivers commercially on the territory previously reserved for the community driven Visual Pinball, namely the re-creation of real world tables. With the upcoming Williams collection and (one would hope) other constructors such as Bally waiting in the wings, things are certainly looking up for video pinball.

Pinball Hall of Fame The Gottlieb Collection

There are several different modes offered in the game, most of which are the same ones found in the previous title. Arcade mode has you playing through each table at your leisure. Credits earned in each table can be used to play on other tables or buy codes to unlock other modes and tables. Tournament mode lets you and a few other people try to win on one table via an official, but complicated, rule set and scoring system used in official pinball tournaments nationwide. The Gottlieb Challenge has you going through each table and trying to meet or beat the given score before advancing. New to the game is the history mode, which gives you a visual tour of the Gottlieb pinball factory. You don't really get much information on the company through this mode, but the visual history through black-and-white pictures counts for something. You also get Payout Mode, which has you trying to make good Blackjack or Poker hands via your skill on the Play-Boy machine. 041b061a72


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