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Hornby Railmaster: A Software Tool for Model Railway Control and Simulation

first up is kevin threlfall with his impressive midland mounted brigade. a very nicely detailed set of locomotives that would make any midland narrow gauge enthusiast very happy to find that they were once again on a scene. i see that he has acquired a new arrival too for the garden:

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my other neighbour, ian mccabe, has built an enormous chicken yard for his son. it is great to see some adults enjoying building and model trains, it seems that we are not the only ones who like role play with our toys.

peter lomas has a 17ft gauge rather than 4ft, as mentioned in my last post, and it is covered in grass. he has got far more detailing into this than in the far smaller version that i built for the summer illawarra railfans show. what had me interested was that although the station platform had no roof, there was a timber fence to stop it becoming a tunnel effect. i used this idea myself at my first autumn illawarra show some years ago and have had a clear textured grass sheet along one side for years, just waiting to be used.

richard mathieson has a large section, with a series of nbr and lnwr covered wagons and he has set them on a very tight radius path, which would be tricky to do if you didn't have a dcc decoder that supported step directly along a radius path. what is particularly interesting is that richard has had a dcc layout in his garden for a few years, one that you couldn't see as it was under the hedgerow.

mike wild arrived to find a new creation on the stand, a circular section that was only 3ft in diameter, giving an impression of realism to the point of being unrealistic. i would have thought that this would not go with the extensive range of hornby dcc areas and so mike must be planning to do a small layout as his next project.


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