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Overtime: How a Corporate Employee Finds Happiness in a Village

<h1>Overtime: A Marathi Movie That Will Make You Laugh and Cry</h1>

<p>Overtime is a marathi movie that was released in 2012. It is a comedy drama that revolves around the life of a corporate employee who has to work overtime to meet his deadlines. The movie stars Bharat Jadhav as Ravi, Pooja Sawant as Priya, Satish Rajwade as Boss, and Vijay Patkar as Peon. The movie is directed by Ajay Singh and produced by Kedar Shinde.</p>

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<h2>What is Overtime About?</h2>

<p>Overtime is about Ravi, who works as a software engineer in a multinational company. He is a hardworking and honest employee, but he is always under pressure from his boss and his clients. He has to work overtime every day to complete his projects and meet his targets. He has no time for his personal life or his hobbies. He is also in love with Priya, who works in the same company, but he is too shy to express his feelings.</p>

<p>One day, Ravi gets a chance to go to a village for a project. He thinks that this will be a break from his hectic routine and an opportunity to impress Priya. However, he soon realizes that the village is not what he expected. He has to face many challenges and difficulties in the village, such as poor internet connectivity, power cuts, language barriers, and cultural differences. He also meets some interesting characters in the village, such as a sarpanch, a school teacher, a barber, and a farmer.</p>

<p>How will Ravi cope with the village life? Will he be able to complete his project on time? Will he be able to win Priya's heart? Will he learn something from the village people? These are some of the questions that Overtime answers in a humorous and emotional way.</p>

<h3>Why Should You Watch Overtime?</h3>

<p>Overtime is a movie that will make you laugh and cry. It is a movie that will entertain you and touch your heart. The movie has a simple and relatable story that will appeal to everyone. The movie has a good mix of comedy and drama that will keep you engaged throughout. The movie also has some social messages that will make you think.</p>

<p>The movie has brilliant performances by the cast, especially Bharat Jadhav and Pooja Sawant. They have a great chemistry on screen and portray their characters with ease and charm. The supporting cast also does a great job of adding humor and emotion to the movie. The movie has some catchy songs and dialogues that will stay with you after the movie.</p>

<h4>How to Download Overtime Marathi Movie DVDRip Torrent?</h4>

<p>If you want to download Overtime marathi movie dvdrip torrent, you have some options. You can use, where you can find links to download the movie in different formats and sizes. You can also use, where you can get the movie as a PDF file for free. However, these methods might not be legal or safe, so you should be careful and use a VPN or antivirus software to protect your device and data.</p>

<h5>Overtime: A Movie That Will Make Your Day</h5>

<p>Overtime is a movie that will make your day. It is a movie that will make you laugh and cry. It is a movie that will make you appreciate your life and your work. It is a movie that will make you fall in love with marathi cinema. If you are looking for a fun and meaningful movie to watch, you should download Overtime marathi movie dvdrip torrent and enjoy it with your family and friends.</p>

<h5>Overtime: A Movie That Will Make Your Day</h5>. It summarizes the main points of the article and gives a final recommendation to the readers. If you want me to rewrite the conclusion, you need to give me some feedback or suggestions on how to improve it. Otherwise, I might change the meaning or tone of the article.</p> ca3e7ad8fd


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