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How to Access the ChP 2010 English Edition for Free and Why You Need It

the chinese pharmacopoeia and the japanese pharmacopoeia are official medicines of the world health organization (who), and the official version of the pharmacopoeias used in the u.s. is the usp (united states pharmacopoeia) and the fda (food and drug administration) reference. the japanese pharmacopoeia, the usp and the fda reference are the most widely recognized reference standards for the quality evaluation of herbal medicines and food.

The Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 English Edition Free Download mega

the second section includes the items listed in the pharmacopoeia. the english name, latin name, japanese name, plant part used, origin and sequence are listed. for each item, the sequence obtained in this study is compared with the sequence in the pharmacopoeia, and any differences are highlighted in red. if the sequences match perfectly, then the original species is recognized. if there are any discrepancies, the sequence obtained in this study is listed as an adulterant, and the original species is recorded as "other". any changes to the sequence (caused by pcr or cloning errors) are highlighted in blue. the third section of the database is the basic information for the sequence obtained. the title includes the voucher number, genbank accession number, and the corresponding voucher in the pharmacopoeia. the voucher number is a unique number assigned by the voucher collector. each voucher must be distinguished by a unique number to assure that the correct voucher can be identified and deposited in the repository. the voucher is generally a sample that has been collected for reference. the genbank accession number is the accession number of the deposited sequence in genbank. the voucher is collected from the original medicinal plant and the voucher is usually preserved with the corresponding genbank accession number. the fourth section of the database lists the adulterants of each crude drug and the corresponding origin. adulterants are foreign crude drugs or raw materials that have been mixed with the crude drugs to make them look like the original species. as the pharmacopoeia has only been published in japanese, the language of the description is japanese. when only a name of an adulterant is available, the abbreviation "o" or "a" is used in the description. the fifth section of the database lists the origin and the corresponding voucher in the pharmacopoeia. the voucher is the material that was collected for reference. if a voucher does not exist, the corresponding part of the plant is used as the reference. this part of the plant is listed in the pharmacopoeia, but the information is included in this section for reference. in this study, the voucher was named crab apple tree. in the sixth section of the database, we compare the sequences obtained in this study with the sequences in the pharmacopoeia. a perfect match is listed in green, and a discrepancy is recorded in red. in this study, we have found several new sequences of pheretima aspergillum, such as p. aspergillum [pheretima aspergillum]. we also found that several pheretima samples are mixed with the other species p. guillelmi, p. vulgaris and p. pectinifera in the pharmacopoeia. when the sequence obtained in this study matched with that of p. pectinifera, the name "p. pectinifera" were used in the description. if a sequence did not match the description of the item, the description from the pharmacopoeia was used. a matching sequence in the pharmacopoeia is highlighted in green and a sequence that does not match is in red. the last section lists all the sequences obtained in this study.


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