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Textbook Of Fluid Dynamics F Chorlton Pdf Free 31 15 ((HOT))

figure 2a shows three reference parameters (r-parameter): 1) the gray-scale image from the acquisition system, 2) the calculated edge-pixel coordinates, and 3) the calculated center-pixel coordinate of the edge. the average absolute distance between these reference parameters to the examined region is 0.2 mm (fig. 2b). this error may come from the following: 1) the large dimension of the examined region, 2) the relatively small pixel numbers, and 3) the edge-pixel geometry. we used the polynomial equation p = a x^n + b x^(n-1) + c x^(n-2) for the center position. the raw data, which can be acquired from the interferometer, were smoothed with a moving average (3x3 pixels). the polynomial-fitting function was based on iterative procedures to minimize the error. three reference values (x, y, and r-parameter) were calculated from the gray-scale image (fig. 2c). the absolute distance between these reference values and the examined region was 0. 2d).

Textbook Of Fluid Dynamics F Chorlton Pdf Free 31 15


the relative contribution of drag and lift forces to overall propulsion is one of the most discussed issues in swimming hydrodynamics research. regarding the water channel analysis, schleihauf (1979) reported that lift coefficient values increased up to an attack angle around 40 and then decreased, although some differences with respect to the sweepback angle were observed. drag coefficient values increased with increasing the attack angle and were less sensitive to sweepback angle changes. in a more detail analysis, bixler and riewald (2002) evaluated the steady flow around a swimmers hand and forearm at various angles of attack and sweep back angles. force coefficients measured as a function of angle of attack showed that forearm drag was essentially constant and forearm lift was almost zero ( figs. 4 and 5 ). moreover, hand drag presented the minimum value near angles of attack of 0 and 180 and the maximum value was obtained near 90, when the model is nearly perpendicular to the flow. hand lift was almost null at 95 and peaked near 60 and 150.


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