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Eminem's \"Crack A Bottle\" will be the second official single from his upcoming \"Curtain Call II\" album. It's due in stores August 19th.


Eminem went on to add that he produced the song. \"We were listening to all different types of music, and we came across that song and was like, 'this is dope, this shit is dope', and we pulled up the song on the phone.\"

On the \"Curtain Call II\", album, Eminem is said to be giving the biggest rap performance of his career. And while it seems like we may be getting another \"Cigarettes and Alcohol\" in the game, I will say that this album will be tight, no question about it.

Eminem was recently interviewed by MTV's Farah Martinez, and during the conversation, when asked about the origins of the song, he said: \"I was listening to that song, I was in the car, I was like, 'Damn, this is good. I would do this song' My man 50 Cents did the verses.\"

The official track listing for Eminem's new record has surfaced. The album, which was released on Dec. 16, 2009 is titled Relapse and will be released in four separate parts. Here is the full track listing in three parts: 1. Relapse, 2. Relapse 2: More Trouble Than Its Worth, and 3. Relapse 3: Encore.


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